Saturday, October 18, 2008

Red Sox watch

Well, the Red Sox really brought the crazy in game 5. I was still in New Orleans Thursday night, and was out to dinner with a couple of colleagues so I missed the first six innings. But I was getting the updates on my BlackBerry and figured I wasn't missing much. A couple guys from our Boston office texted me to tell me which bar they were watching the game at, so after dinner I figured we'd join them and I could drown my sorrows with them. The score was 5-0 Tampa Bay when we got there, and Tampa quickly added two more runs in the 7th.

When Boston finally scored one to salvage a bit of pride, one of my Boston colleagues said he'd streak down Bourbon Street if Boston won. We held him to it, but we allowed him his boxer shorts to spare him the attention of New Orleans's finest.


Mark said...

Two crimes attract the attention of NOPD: Glass containers and urinating in public. And for the right reasons too - health issues.

Your colleague probably would have been safe...

Eric said...

Actually, I heard a story this week about a guy who was encouraged by a woman on a balcony to earn some beads by showing her his manhood. He was unlucky enough to oblige her just as a mounted cop was clopping by behind him. The cop didn't even slow down as he grabbed him by the collar and hoisted him away.