Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama-Biden: Worst foreign policy ticket EVER

Lost in all the hysteria over the economy is the question of national security and foreign policy, things which are still, you know, kind of important. While Obama's disciples rant about Sarah Palin's lack of foreign policy chops, they blissfully ignore the shortcomings of Barack Obama and Joe Biden in that area.

First, let's review Obama's foreign policy record because it's easy: None. Now consider Biden's. Sure, it's more extensive in the sense that he's been involved in foreign policy as a member of the senate since 1972, but he's been pathetically wrong on very important foreign policy issues during his tenure. For example, he favored a nuclear weapons freeze at the very moment in history when our weapons build-up was driving the Soviets bankrupt and he voted against the 1991 Gulf War. More recently, he opposed the surge which by every measure has turned Iraq around and shown us light at the end of the tunnel there.

An Obama-Biden administration will be absolutely disastrous to America's standing in the world, no matter how many Europeans suddenly decide they like us again.

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