Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brownshirts in the media

Wow. Can the media possibly get any deeper in the tank for Barack Obama than this? Samuel J. "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher is getting treatment from the media which at one time was reserved for political candidates. Well, Republican candidates, anyway. And all he did was ask Obama a question.

In this regard, the media acts as Obama's very own Sturmabteilung, silencing dissenting voices wherever they find them. It's fucking disgusting and it has to stop. Does the media dig into the lives of private citizens who ask tough questions of John McCain or Sarah Palin? Not a fucking chance. Those citizens are merely curious, concerned voters doing their due diligence in questioning a candidate's positions.

The irony here is that for eight goddamned years, the left has been frothing at the mouth with unhinged rants about the unbridled fascism of the right, yet they don't cite one example of a private citizen being smeared by the media for questioning slandering a Republican. What the media is doing is creating an atmosphere in which private citizens are reluctant to speak out in a public forum lest they risk being put under a microscope by a media looking for shit with which to smear anyone opposed to their chosen candidate.

This November will mark a watershed moment in American history where rather than being elected by the people, a president has been pre-selected by our liberal national media.

Update: Iowahawk says it far better than I.

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