Monday, October 06, 2008

Red Sox watch

I really hadn't put much hope in beating the Angels for the division series, but the Sox managed to pull it off, thanks to same late inning heroics by Jason Veritek killing off an attempted squeeze play, then Jed Lowrie driving in Jason Bay for the winning run in the 9th.

Now, of course, we've gotta take on the T-Bay D-Rays for the ALCS...without Mike Lowell, last year's World Series MVP. Lowell suffered a hip injury which will keep him out of that series.

File under bad omens: We went 8-10 against Tampa Bay this season...most of those wins coming in the first half of the season. Of those eight wins, only one of them was in Tampa Bay.

Call me Eeyore.

--- A kibitz from Mark

OK, you're Eeyore. The Red Sox were 1 for 8 against the Angels. Nothing is a done deal, and the Rays played excellent ball - to my disbelief and consternation. But it ain't over until Big Poppi spits on his batting gloves and says it's over.

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