Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How NOT to sway voters

Some jerk by the name of Harry Chipman of Stafford, Virginia has a unique way of encouraging McCain voters to switch to Obama's side. Instead of persuading us with the greatness of The Enlightened One, he describes McCain voters as follows in an editorial letter in the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star:
Here's a profile of your typical McCain voter

Who would vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin?

Answers: (1) Those who can't grasp complex realities and problems or effectively solve them; (2) those whose emotional stability depends on traditions, tight rules, and myths; (3) those who don't know or understand what science is and fear evidence-based, logical discussions; (4) those who lack a substantial moral or ethical structure in their lives; (5) those who worship their lawns [WTF? --ed.] and themselves rather than relieve suffering; (6) those who accept as true their personal prejudices and tradition-colored personal experiences; and (7) those who believe anything is OK if it helps them achieves their goals.
Smooth move, Ex-lax. You just slandered tens of millions of people instead of telling them why they should vote for your candidate.

This tells us more about the typical Obama voter than the typical McCain voter, asshat.

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