Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin-Biden debate

So Sarah's big moment to shine - or crash and burn - comes in just over half an hour. This will be an interesting one to watch.

I've no doubt that Gwen Ifill will hit Biden and Palin equally with gotcha questions, the difference being, of course, that the questions chosen for Biden will be ones such as "What's your favorite color...and why?", while Palin will get "What were the long-term implications of the Pullya-Pudoff Act of 1871?". Ace thinks the setup will be far more subtle, and he's probably right.

In any event, Palin needs to "be real" and be ready with responses like "Look, you little in-the-tank bitch...I'm a candidate for Vice President, not a fucking contestant on Jeopardy." Or maybe Palin should just open up with "Hey's that book coming along?"

Postscript: First, I have to give credit to Gwen Ifill for doing an excellent, impartial job. Palin did a stellar job, though I'm sure it'll be spun by the media tomorrow into a failure. Biden was gracious without being condescending and neither one made a serious gaffe that I caught. Overall, Palin was the better of the two. Yeah, I'm sue me.

Is there a code of silence or something that's keeping the McCain campaign from calling out the Democrats' culpability in the credit mess?

Update: I was apparently watching better than I was listening. My ears did perk up a bit when Biden talked about how we "threw Hizballah out of Lebanon" but I'd pretty much put that out of my mind later, and I took his military cost figures on Iraq and Afghanistan as hyperbole. But on further review, yeah, Biden frequently lied, twisted, or just plain got things wrong.


Tyler said...

Did you catch how Biden reversed himself on Gay marriage? I was watching at my local McCain HQ and that place went wiled after he did a total 180.

Eric said...

I don't remember Biden's previous position on that, but it doesn't surprise me. Biden had to, errr, reconsider his position on so many things when he joined Obama, it's hard to keep track.