Thursday, October 16, 2008

'I felt like I was taking crazy pills'

I saw this Politico item posted in Hot Air headlines yesterday. What more can you say? How do you beat a guy people are voting for even when they don't like him?
Reagan Dems and Independents. Call them blue-collar plus. Slightly more Target than Walmart.

Yes, the spot worked. Yes, they believed the charges against Obama. Yes, they actually think he's too liberal, consorts with bad people and WON'T BE A GOOD PRESIDENT...but they STILL don't give a f***. They said right out, "He won't do anything better than McCain" but they're STILL voting for Obama.

[ ... ]

I felt like I was taking crazy pills. I sat on the other side of the glass and realized...this really is the Apocalypse. The Seventh Seal is broken and its time for eight years of pure, delicious crazy....


Mark said...

BO will be a one termer... Then he can take over from Jimmy running "Habitat for Hamas".

Eric said...

So only four years of "pure, delicious crazy" then?