Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final push

I pulled some time working the phones tonight at the local McCain office here in Fredericksburg, VA and was lucky enough to meet Congressman Rob Wittman, who represents Virginia's 1st district where I live, and Maryland's former Lt. Governor and current GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele. Steele gave a bit of a pep talk to rally the troops. The take away line for me, as he spoke of Obama was, "...the brother's a smooth talker, but I know plenty of smooth talkers who I don't want to be President, either."

Saturday there's a busload of McCain supporters coming down from Washington, so I've volunteered my services (and my van and GPS) to tote them around to do some door-knockin'.

This thing ain't over yet.

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Tyler said...

Well that's cool. He's one of the good guys, I've seen him on Fox throughout the year. We have 35 kids flying out from your state to do some walking for the McClintock campaign, it's nice how much support we have in the final days.