Friday, October 10, 2008


Now here's a novel idea...a call center for Muslims to, er, troubleshoot theological issues.
A team of 48 muftis man the telephones from 8am until 8pm delivering fatwas, or formal rulings based on Islamic law.

The service is used by Muslims all over the world, and organisers say it takes about 3,700 calls a day, including queries from Britain.

[ ... ]

One recent dilemma came from a married woman whose alcoholic husband had turned violent, hitting her and forcing her to have sex. She wanted to know if she should seek a divorce.

Mr Ammoura told the Times: "I said, 'No - it is better for him to find help'. A woman living alone with children could face too many problems."

His advice now counts as an official fatwa in the United Arab Emirates, under new rules issued by the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments.
Wow. So it's now official Islamic doctrine that a woman is better off having her ass kicked and being raped by her drunken husband than kicking his shit to the curb and having his sorry ass thrown in jail.

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