Sunday, September 07, 2008

Why are lefties such drama queens?

That's not a rhetorical question...I really want to know.  When you read something on Daily Kos, for example, about America being a fascist police state under George W. Bush, it's not simple hyperbole...the writer actually believes his own bullshit, the fact that he can continue to write hate-filled diatribes against the president without fear of arrest notwithstanding.  I've observed here the lefty drama queen phenomenon before:
"After the 2004 election, I was a fucking mess. I think that if we could survive another four years of that administration, we can survive anything."
Thaaaat's right...the Bush administration has been worse for this country than the Civil War, the Great Depression, etc.

So it's entirely without surprise when I read that Candice Bergen found Sarah Palin's speech "scary" and Andrew Sullivan finds her "terrifying".

Get a fucking grip, you creampuffs.

Update:  Add David Ignatius to the list of people who find Palin "terrifying".

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