Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kos is full of crap

In this Howard Kurtz column in the Washington Post, Kurtz discusses the blog effect in coverage of the non-scandals and scandalettes surrounding vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. The column opens with this:
When Markos Moulitsas saw that one of the contributors to his liberal blog was accusing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of lying about her 4-month-old baby, he was a bit skeptical.

"I feel a little weird about the questions being asked," he says. "But I also feel a little weird about saying, 'Shut up, people.' It takes a lot for me to step in and squash what's on Daily Kos."
Yeah...if by "a lot" one means "a Democrat for a target".

When Huffington Post contributor Lee Stranahan tried to post something at Daily Kos about the John Edwards love child story before Edwards himself admitted to it, he got banned. From the HuffPo link:
The irony for me, of course, is that despite making over fifty short political videos with a clear progressive point of view, I was banned on DailyKos for saying that it seemed reasonable that John Edwards was seen at the Beverly Hilton late at night.
Your progressive, "reality-based" community at work!

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Mark said...

Imagine my surprise, as the proprietor at LGF says...