Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Change of venue

John McCain and Sarah Palin are to make an appearance here in Virginia tomorrow.  Originally slated to be held at a high school in Fairfax, I just got an e-mail update on the event saying that the demand for tickets has forced it to be moved to a larger, outdoor venue.
Due to an overwhelming response from Virginia voters, the campaign has moved the rally outdoors to Van Dyke Park, next to Fairfax High School in Fairfax City, Virginia.
I can get tickets to the rally, and I'd really like to go, but it looks like work might get in the way.  Damn.


Tyler said...

Eric, you have the flu. The little emplyees for call IT because the printer has a jam or the cd won't play because it's in upside down, I get called for this stupid shit all the time.

This is ironic, the Palin event down in Pebble beach was cancelled today also and then I got another email about it was moved all the way up to Redwood City (below SF). I bet the people who paid the $1000 for the lunch and a lapel pin can fly up for it though...

Eric said...

If it weren't for one stinkin' conference call in the morning, I could pull it off.