Sunday, September 14, 2008

New SiteMeter sucks

Ugh. I've been using SiteMeter's basic service for three years, and it's been pretty good. This weekend SiteMeter migrated all accounts to a new system and they've really diluted the basic (free) service to the point that it's of almost no value at all. I can no longer see a list of referring URLs since that appears to be a "premium" service.

I've had this blog linked to Google Analytics for a while now, so I think I'm going to drop the SiteMeter code and stick with GA.


Old sitemeter user said...

Sitemeter is bad. I agree. What a shame. That service used to be really good. Sadly they've made a very huge mistake by doing the migration.

It seems that they got greedy all of a sudden and put style over substance. Their old service ruled because it was fast and functional. Now, it's slow, ugly and non-functional.

They're cooked.

Who would want to use their service -- even for free -- right now? Who will sign up? Nobody.

At least people may think of signing up to their service in the past as it was the best around. Now, it sucks -- free OR premium.

Tiffany said...

I agree. Sitemeter was acting all screwy a few weeks ago so I switched to Stat Counter. Eventually, I went back to Sitemeter, but after this new migration? I'm back to Stat Counter.

I mean really...the old adage is K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid).

Way to make it more complicated, less user friendly, and one hell of a waste of time, Sitemeter!

Crackity Jones said...

Agree. It blows. I never thought it was all that great to begin with. Frequent outages, slow, and the information had little depth. The one thing it had going for it was that it was easier to use than stat counter and it seemed to be more accurate. Both, of course, are free.

Google Analytics is also free. I'm not sure what Sitemeter thinks they're doing, but it's coming off all my sites right after I post this comment. And for my business site I was literally going to purchase the premium right before they announced their redesign, and boy am I glad I waited.

Eric said...

It's definitely a shame. It used to be easy to use and I could get at information really quickly. Google Analytics in some ways provides too much info, but at least I can generally find what I want.

Tiffany said...

Yeah, before the new Sitemeter, I didn't like Stat Counter because I thought it was too overwhelming. But compared to the crap on Sitemeter now, it's a cakewalk.

I have Google Analytics for my other site, however, it's not organized very well, making things like time of visit harder to find.

Oh well. Tis' what it is.

Eric said...

Yeah, I guess what I want is what I had with the old SiteMeter. A summary page that shows number of visits and page views today, and a place where I can click to view details of each visit.

GA is a bit overwhelming.

Jill said...

I guess they needed to make more money because the free version is now totally useless. I guess I will be switching away. For a small blog it's just not worth it.

Eric said...

You may want to hold off on switching. I just read on another blog that SiteMeter is rolling back to the old system.

Stay tuned.

Tiffany said...

In case you didn't hear: old Sitemeter is least for a while.