Friday, September 05, 2008

MSM: Hey...nice VP pick! Wingnuts: Oh, this old thing?

When Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate a week ago, the geniuses of the MSM were flummoxed. The collective "huh? who?" from newsrooms all over the country must have been audible in Latvia. When Mrs. Pool Bar, who doesn't follow obsess over politics quite as much as I, asked me who she was, I told her she's the one I'd been hoping for months that McCain would pick.

Of course, Palin's been a favorite on right-wing blogs for quite some time and the only cause for surprise to us was that most of us regular readers more or less wrote her off as unlikely months ago. But to the MSM, Sarah Palin "came out of nowhere", and Ace colorfully points out why.
These people are being paid to follow trends in politics, including trends on the conservative side, and yet they absolutely refuse to read right leaning blogs even while being paid for their time.

If they had read right wing blogs, they'd have known that Sarah Palin had become a GOP hero the past six months over her tough, articulate advocacy on drilling, and many people were touting her as a Veep-pick. Including Beldar, and including that guy who set up the Draft Palin website.

Maybe if you stupid fuckers could tear yourself away from your precious Daily Kos and FireDogLake for two fucking seconds and do your jobs, these "out of left field" surprises wouldn't keep sneaking up on you.

McCain knew the Republican base loved Palin. He knew this because the blogosphere, acting as a large ad-hoc (self-selected) focus group, had already indicated its enthusiasm for the choice, and therefore, most likely, the enthusiasm of the base as a whole.
Ace rocks.

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