Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nice try, Google

Amid much buzz in the Geekosphere, Google today quietly released "Chrome", their new web browser touted here, oddly, in comic book form. The error above was the result when I tried to actually, you know, run it.

To be fair, Google generally does a great job in their development efforts and this is their very first public beta drop, to my knowledge. I've heard from a few people for whom it actually worked, but at least five times as many who got the same error I did.

Update: It's a conflict with SEP. Fixed with Google's work-around of editing the target property in Chrome's start-up shortcut by adding --no-sandbox after the last quote. So far, it's a pretty nice, clutter-free web browser.


Mark said...

Hmm.... It installed and is running fine.

And that's on Vista (Home Premium).

In fact, I'm using it now.

Eric said...

I'm reading on some forums (fora?) that it may be an incompatibility with Symantec Endpoint Protection. Which kinda makes me wonder what the browser's doing under the covers since not one other browser I've used has the problem.

Tyler said...

I havnt tried running it at school (where we have Endpoint active) but at home it ran fine. It's very simple, though I much rather use and love FF 3 or IE7 (which we have at school)