Monday, September 29, 2008

The toxicity of Capitol Hill

The partisanship on Capitol Hill has become so rancid that rather than working together to pass a bill which nearly every economic expert agrees is necessary, the Republican minority fell short of the votes necessary to pass because they took offense to Nancy Pelosi's choice of words today. Not that I blame them...much. Pelosi has taken every fucking opportunity to demonstrate statesmanship and turned it into partisanship grandstanding instead. The same goes for Barney Frank, Rahm Emanuel and Chris Dodd.

As is often the case, I'm in agreement with Ace on this.
The Democrats are trying to get their partisan blame in before it passes (and it may yet pass) because [they] know the moment the President's signature is on it McCain and the Republican caucus begin explaining the facts of the situation to America.
And the "facts of the situation" are that the blame for this epic cock-up falls directly in the Democrats' fetid laps, going back to Jimmy Carter.


Mark said...

Boo, freaking, hoo.

san fran nan showed her fantastic leadership skills. Letting several key dems off the hook while her acolyte promised to use this whole mess against the Republicans in the fall.

Eric said...

Pelosi is a hyper-partisan whore and should be forced to resign. She doesn't seem to understand that her position as speaker demands a bit of leadership and statesmanship.