Monday, September 15, 2008

Taliban admits Iran supplying weapons

A Taliban commander in Afghanistan has openly acknowledged receiving weapons from Iran in support of their attacks against US and other NATO forces there.
A Taliban commander has credited Iranian-supplied weapons with successful operations against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

The comments by the commander, who would not be named but operates in the south east of the country where there has been a surge in Taliban attacks, were a rare admission of co-operation between elements within the Iranian regime and forces fighting British and American troops in Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, I don't think that even this news would be enough to make a President Obama walk back from his "no preconditions" position on having tea with Ahmadinejad.


alison said...

In an exclusive Channel 4 news scoop this evening with Taliban commanders they confirmed that their money (key reason they get recruits) is supplied by Pakistan Iran and Saudi Arabia. The New Taliban also permits music, betting and traditional Afghan customs and so is recruiting more and more men.

Eric said...

Well, if they decide drinking beer is OK, I may not think they're such assholes worthy of complete and utter annihilation.