Friday, September 12, 2008

One-way shuttle diplomacy

A new kind of shuttle diplomacy with Venezuela has developed with the US ambassador to Venezuela going home, and Venezuela's ambassador to the US doing the same.
The United States plans to expel Venezuela's ambassador in Washington to retaliate for President Hugo Chavez's decision to expel the U.S. envoy in Caracas, FOX News confirmed Friday.
This latest marks a "new low" in relations between Venezuela and the United States, and comes on the heels of Russia's deployment of two 'Backfire' strategic bombers to Venezuela.

According to the article, Venezuela's husky buffoon Hugo Chavez intends to maintain the rift in relations until George W. Bush leaves office in January, which immediately leads me to believe that this is merely more grandstanding on the part of Generalissimo Assclown, and that he's betting on a victory for Obama in November.  Of course if McCain wins, he may find himself stuck with the diplomatic situation he's created.

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