Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Jumping in

I may end up regretting it, but today I responded affirmatively to a mass-email request from the local Fredericksburg, VA McCain campaign HQ to pitch in this Saturday and do some work for the campaign. This is something I haven't done since I was 20 years old and volunteered for the - wait for it - Jimmy Carter reelection campaign. Yes, I was even dumber then than I am now.

What'll I be doing? Who knows. Best I can tell is we'll be canvassing if the weather is good, working the phones if it's not. If the weather map is to be believed, I'll be spending some time on the phone on Saturday.

So, why did I volunteer? After seeing the treatment of Sarah Palin in the press this week, how could I not?


Tyler said...

Congrats. I've been volenteering for my local Republican county chapter thingy for the last few weeks. It's not really a McCain thing, I've been calling registered republicans about support for local congressional races and doing energy surveys.

Eric said...

Good on ya...I hope more people get out and do some work!

Mark said...

Get you ass to work... Your state may be in play for the Dems. Yikes.

Eric said...

Yeah, and around here I almost feel like working the campaign is gilding the lily. It's North Virginiastan that needs work.