Saturday, December 09, 2006

US Democrats = European Socialists

Howard Dean and Segolene Royal: Two peas in the same socialist pod

I've been saying for years that the American Democratic party should just change their name to be more in line with what they really are: Socialists.

I take no small amount of satisfaction in the news that France's socialist candidate for president, Segolene Royal, has asked Howard Dean to handle her first trip to the United States in January.


Anonymous said...

Eric, that is really stretching it quite a bit. You have to think of the Democrats as more like the liberal wing of a Conservative Party like the CSU or the Tories under Dave Cameron. Although Blair may be respected in the U.S that is only because your media doesn't look too closely at his domestic policies. He would have a hard time getting elected anywhere except Vermont. Wait a second they did elect a Socialist for the Senate. As for Sego she is just another Blair clone but you have to remember that Blair and Brown our future leader in the U.K. DON'T really like European Socialists they preferred Frau Merkel over Schroder and Sarkozy over Sego. Basically the British problem is we want European level of services and US levels of tax.

Here is something you missed, Channel 4 which is a terrestrial tv channel in the UK has an alternative to the Queen's speach on Christmas Day now in the pas these have been not just leftfield but quite wack. We've had the AIDS sufferer, Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne. Well Christmas Day 2006, we will get a moslem woman in full naquib. I'll get back to you with the Audience figures next year. I for one won't be watching.

Merry Christmas

Jez Evans

Eric said...

I don't think it is a stretch. The Dems here (most of them, anyway) advocate huge increases in taxation to support social spending, nationalized health care, etc. I recognize that's not pure socialism, but it's closer than I like to see.

I didn't miss the news about the alternative Christmas address thing. I just don't quite know yet what to make of (1) the notion that an "alternative" Christmas address is necessary and that (2) Channel 4 thinks it should be given by a Muslim.

Anyway...Merry Christmas, Jez!