Saturday, December 16, 2006

Castro death watch

While it remains to be seen whether Fidel Castro has assumed room temperature, signs of an imminent regime change by succession abound.

In an unusual development, 10 US members of Congress have arrived in Havana for talks with Cuban government officials sans Fidel.
The 10-member delegation comprises Democrats Hilda Solis, Bill Delahunt, James McGovern, Jane Harman, Gregory Meeks and Lincoln Davis and Republicans Jeff Flake, Jo Ann Emerson, Mike Conaway and Jerry Moran, US officials said.

The lawmakers were due to meet with Cuban assembly speaker Ricardo Alarcon, also the top Cuban official for US affairs; Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque; central bank president Francisco Soberon; and Minister of Basic Industry and Communist Party official Yadira Garcia, Cuban sources said.
At the same time, Venezuelan president, cartoon character and oncologist (who knew?!) Hugo Chavez offered his considered opinion as a medical professional.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a personal friend of Castro, said in Caracas Friday that he spoke with Castro over the telephone on Thursday and that "he sounded very good."

As "one of the few" who really knows about Castro's health, Chavez said, "I can tell you Castro does not have cancer. I know what I'm talking about."
Here's to hoping Hugo soon finds himself with one less friend.

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