Friday, December 29, 2006

Big talk from Norway's Islamists

Devout Somali an Oslo bar

Many of the young men of Norway's immigrant Somali community say they'll return to Somalia to fight alongside the Islamists if Ethiopia continues to occupy the country. Not that they could be bothered when the Islamists in Somalia were getting their asses kicked, but hey...who am I to complain?
"If the Ethiopians continue to occupy Somalia, we won't sit here. We will go back to Somalia and fight as one!" says Zakharia Ahmed, banging his fist on the table.

The scene is the Café Bolsho in Oslo's downtown immigrant district Grønland. Dozens of compatriots are gathered round in the noisy café, and Ahmed clearly has full support. "Yes, we will go back and fight," the others shout.
Sure they will. Somali immigrants in Norway have three hots and a cot, often on the taxpayer's dime. They ain't going anywhere.


Urban_Infidel said...

No, they're not going anywhere but they'll sure as hell sit in all that comfort and stoke anti-Western jihad.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Norway and it's a pain in the as* to see how stupid our government is.Allow these extrimist's to travel free on our expence,send money they get from us to support islamist*s in Africa..... What the hell are they thinking ??????
Anyone wants to buy a complete government???? Never used their brains!Should be able to train them to do something..... i think!
Sorry guys,the people of Norway are NOT represented by this gov.We do think for ourselves !!!!