Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sen. Byrd very worried about Iran, Syria

No, not worried about Iran's nuclear program or genocidal intentions, or both countries' support for Hizballah and Hamas, silly! Senator Robert Byrd (KKK-WV) is obsessively concerned with their wellbeing.

I just happened to catch on TV a portion of Byrd's questioning of SecDef nominee Robert Gates a few minutes ago, and Byrd was questioning him over and over about whether he thinks we should attack Iran or Syria, whether he thinks Bush has the authority to do so, what he thinks the consequences of such attacks might be, etc. What a complete buffoon.

But, what the hell. Both Iran and Syria would wipe Israel off the map given the chance, and everyone knows what the Klan thinks of Jews.

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dizzyfatplonka said...

To be honest its not long ago I spoke with a guy who I know for a fact has deeply held feelings for Hitler and nazi Germany, not one of these neo-nazi thugs mind you, just a good decent everyday bloke who for some reason thinks, we got Hitler all wrong and what he was doing was good.
I was trying to bring his attention to the threat we are under from muslims, he responded by saying he does not mind them because they hate jews.
Only since I gave him info for some of the websites we frequent, has he changed his mind, maybe not about jews, but certainly about muslims.