Monday, December 18, 2006

Dirty Dozen: The English Brothers

A disturbing story appears in Newsweek's Dec. 25th issue. Aptly titled The Regathering Storm, it describes 12 al-Qaeda recruits known as the English Brothers for the language they share in common. The group consists of nine Brits, two Norwegians and an Australian, all Muslims.

They're near completion of (or may have already completed) a year-long al-Qaeda training course in which they've received religious and ideological indoctrination, as well as training in explosives, suicide bombing and other tools of the jihadis' trade. But their mission is not to become suicide bombers themselves:
They learned how to make and use suicide-bomb vests, how to rig car bombs, how to motivate other men to sacrifice their lives for the jihad and how to maintain communications with Al Qaeda on the Afghan-Pakistani frontier. They're not meant to be suicide bombers themselves, [the Ghazni province's chief al-Qaeda liason for the Taliban Omar] Farooqi says; they are far too valuable to waste.
Infidels, meet the newest sleeper cell organizers. Al-Qaeda does indeed seem to be alive and well.


dizzyfatplonka said...

Those damned English have a lot too answer for, I wish all the English would go back to Pakistan where they belong ;-D

Urban_Infidel said...

Bad news for all of us who live in high-target US cities.

Bad bad bad.

Eric said...

I'm about an hour from DC, and that's quite close enough, thank you.