Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More testimony on French complicity in Rwanda genocide

I posted a week ago an item about testimony in a Rwanda court implicating French UN troops in complicity in the 1994 slaughter. Witnesses at the trial accused French troops of training and equipping Hutu radicals, as well as transporting them to areas where Tutsis were taking refuge.

In testimony yesterday, another witness alleges that French troops also led Tutsis to the slaughtering pen:
The witness before a government-appointed panel investigating France's alleged complicity in Rwanda's mass slaughter said the troops duped the Tutsis with evacuation promises only to be left in the hands of the extremist militia.

"The French told us they were going to pick up weapons and more soldiers to come and protect us," said the witness, only identified as "witness four on day six."

"We all came out of our hideouts in the mountains and assembled in open areas from where we waited for French soldiers to rescue us," he told the panel at the end of the second phase of public hearings.

"This exposed us to militias who thought they had finished us off after previous attacks."
With French troops representing a large portion of UN forces in Lebanon, the world needs to take a serious look at their prior conduct in UN operations. If any of these allegations are true, how can French troops be trusted to act properly in Lebanon?

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