Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iran Holocaust conference brings out frothing-at-the-mouth anti-Semites

A visitor posted a comment on my post from yesterday about the Iran Holocaust denial-fest. In his comment, he defends the Holocaust denial crowd, and says this of the Neturei Karta Rabbis:
The NK rabbis were invited and are being treated respectfully by the Iranians.
What the hell did he think? If you were a "wipe 'em off the map" Iranian mullah, wouldn't you trot out every NK member you could find? The rest of his comments are pure tinfoil hat stuff.

His blog has plenty of Jew-hating garbage. Stop by and tell Mr. Hoffman what you think.

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ben said...

If the KKK had its way the muslim mongrels would be hung from trees from coast to coast next to blacks and jews.