Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Iran Holocaust conference watch

Interesting development today, not so much in the conference but in the coverage of it. Look how many MSM outlets are tagging the conference for what it is...Holocaust Denial:

U.S. Condemns Holocaust Denier Meeting (LA Times)
Blair shocked by Holocaust denial meeting (Boston Globe)
White House Condemns Iran Conference Of Holocaust Deniers (Nasdaq)
Why are Jews at the 'Holocaust denial' conference? (BBC - note scare quotes, though)
Iran Hosts Holocaust Deniers at Tehran Conference (NPR - !)
Holocaust denial is Tehran focus (Buffalo News)
Deniers of Holocaust at conference in Iran (Beacon News)
Iran students rebel over Holocaust denial (Earth Times - haven't read yet, but sounds moonbat-ish)

OK, that's enough copying and pasting headlines and links. It's just good to see there's not much white-washing in the headlines on what this is all about. Except for al-Beeb.

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