Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How you know when you spend too much time at Marriott hotels

I'm a frequent traveler, and spend around 100 nights a year with Marriott hotels. I like Marriott because (1) they're pretty consistent in terms of quality, (2) they've got some sort of property in just about any city I go to, and (3) they've got a killer rewards program. Because I've been at the platinum level in Marriott's program for better than five years, I'm now something beyond their platinum level. As a result, I always get the best room available when I check in.

Now, I've stayed in some pretty nice rooms for the regular rate. One time in Chicago, I had a room where I walked in and saw a wet bar to my right, a dining area straight ahead, and a sitting area to the left. I couldn't figure out where the bed was, until I realized there was a staircase in the room, and the bedroom was upstairs. Pretty cool.

This week, I'm attending a conference in Washington, DC at the Wardman Park Marriott. I guess Dubya didn't have much need for a hotel room, seeing that the White House is right down the road, and there don't seem to be any visiting heads of state in town this week. So in their absence, I get to occupy the Presidential Suite.

First, there's a little foyer when you walk in the door. Not all that big, but big enough for a coat closet off to the side.

Next, there's a very large room with a sitting area, a TV and...get this...a baby grand piano.

Yes, that's a baby grand at upper right.

To the left of this room is another sitting room, separated by French doors, with a full bath and another fairly large closet.

The main sitting room, and another sitting room through doors in the back ground.

Immediately to the right is a large dining room with comfortable seating for eight, and further down on the right is the bedroom, with its own full bath.

What the hell am I gonna do with a dining room??

Off the dining room is a full kitchen with its own separate access from the hotel hallway. Entrance for the "help", if you will. This kitchen/service area also has a half bath.

This isn't a hotel's an over-sized apartment.

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