Friday, June 30, 2006

Take no prisoners

Imagine the following scenario:
American soldiers in Afghanistan come under attack by a couple dozen Taliban jihadis. Returning fire, they kill half the attacking force and pursue the remaining terrorists, who flee to a nearby deserted house. Realizing they're surrounded, the Taliban offer surrender.

But instead of ordering the terrorists to throw down their weapons and come out with their hands over their heads, the ranking soldier calls in an airstrike on the house. The soldiers pick through the rubble after the A-10s have left the scene, firing a bullet into the head of any survivors.
Most would say this is a grotesque and horrifying scenario, but it's effectively what the international community, and the left here at home, are calling for. In demanding that the prison at Guantanamo Bay be shutdown without any meaningful alternatives offered, they are denying the military any effective methods for taking and holding prisoners captured in combat.

When cornered on the question of what should be done with the prisoners currently held there, the anti-Gitmo crowd will squirm a bit and say they should be "repatriated", which is a weasel word meaning "kick them loose".

Maybe we should release the prisoners from Gitmo. It can then be turned into a psychiatric ward.


ben said...

I would say that when an American soldier surrenders he would be beheaded and mutilated. The enemy laughts at us in the why we fight a war. When we fought the Japanese we shot them when they surrender, burned them to death and took very little prisoners. In other words we gave them what they gave us. You fight a war to win not coddle the enemy. You show them what hell is. If your not willing to do that your going to lose. So for the commandes that blew up the building they need to get a metal.

Anonymous said...

Uh, not to put too fine a point on it, but the take no prisoners mind set reflects the thinking of the left. They refuse to admit it but the hate and slander spewed by them show true attitudes.

The wounds bore by soldiers, within and unseen, would be worse if the guilt of take no prisoners were to come to pass. The onlier thing I think is slimier are those who second guess them after the fact.