Friday, June 02, 2006

Another convert to the "Religion of Peace"

The Expatica web site reports today that another European female convert to Islam, this time in Germany, turned instant Jihadi. But this one, identified only as Sonja B., was stopped before she could travel to Iraq and blow herself up. Last November, a Belgian woman named Muriel Degauque converted to Islam and managed to go all the way. Her target was an American convoy, but fortunately, she was the only fatality.

According to the article:
A German woman who converted to Islam has been placed under surveillance after police thwarted an attempt by her to travel to Iraq as a suicide bomber, media reports said.

The 40-year-old, identified only as Sonja B., is one of three German women said to have used the internet to disclose their intention to carry out missions against US soldiers.

Police reportedly prevented them leaving Germany in April.
Note that neither Sonja B. nor her two co-conspirators have been arrested. In fact, it appears that only Sonja B. was "placed under surveillance"; the article never says what happened to the other two women.

I'm not sure what an aspiring German Jihadi would have to do to get arrested, but Germany has already proven its lack of will in fighting terrorism.

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