Friday, June 02, 2006

Spain enforces law, gets bitch-slapped

Yesterday I was critical of Spain in a post about arms deals with Venezuela. Today, I'll defend Spain. Fair and balanced, see?

In an Expatica news item it's reported that Spain repatriated 99 Senegalese illegal immigrants, and Senegal isn't happy with the manner in which it was done. It seems the 99 illegal immigrants were handcuffed (gasp!) and "tricked" into being flown to Dakar in Senegal. Oh, and this was just the first batch of 623 illegals from Senegal to be repatriated.

Six hundred and twenty-three. Folks, that's not an immigration. That's a battalion or brigade-sized invasion. Spain could have responded with a brigade of their own, and taken the survivors as prisoners of war.

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The Anti-Jihad Pundit said...

In fact, seems that 7.000 illegal inmigrants have landed only in Canarias by this time of the year.

I wrote this some days ago:

(it is my other blog about more general matters)

It is said that then they are flied to the Peninsula and left -without any kind of documentation- in cities with PP malority.

Inmigrants are now asking not only for voting in city elections but also in General elections, that is, to elect the President of the Government and the CA (Autonomus Comunity) ones. Madrid recieves 10 times the number of illegals that Catalonia receives -this by estimation of NGO's and the Autonomous Governments ones-.

Canary Islands inhabitants are asking for Navy troops to be stationed in the sea to forbid entrance to this people. But the Government simple denied the claims.