Thursday, June 08, 2006

Loony left reaction to death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

After seeing the welcome news of Zarqawi's death, I was curious of what the left's reaction would be. I was fairly certain it wouldn't be one of jubilation. Here are a few selections from Democratic Underground. Judge for yourself:
He was dead on March 4, now he's dead again?

How sad that we cannot trust our government to be honest with us in matters of war and death. The boy who cried wolf is not believed in my house.

Interesting indeed--if true that would mean Al Quada ratted him out--A little message from some of Bin Laden's operatives to U.S. Intelligence giving the address and time he was expected for dinner, perhaps?

Don't worry, he's not dead.--In a few months, Shrub will wake up in his bed, go into his bathroom, open the shower door and there al-Zarqawi will be. It will all have been a dream.

PsssT! This guy is a "PsyOps" creation. Absurd one at that!

It's almost an "open joke" among the military and civilians who know how PsyOps operate, and the History, that Zarqowi is merely a "Pentagon creation." And oh, don't we need some good news now? It's so predictable I could write the OP Orders. It's all bullshit LIES paraded around for PR exploitation. We almost need wings to rise above it.

Well, at least it will have time to fade before the elections. Catching Saddam isn't helping Bush's numbers right now, is it?

OMG, this is so damn over the top. I woke up to the beginning of Morning Edition on NPR. And for the next forty minutes that proceded to tell us in varying ways that al Zarqawi was dead. Forty fucking minutes solid wall to wall. And the lead off on the Marketplace report was drop in oil prices due to Zarqawi dying. PROPAGANDA!
Well, there you have it. Everything from "he was an American psy-ops creation" to relief that the timing won't help the president. And they wonder where the term "Bush Derangement Syndrome" comes from.

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