Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sean Thomas: Even the Beeb's arts review has a leftie bias

Sean Thomas has another good opinion piece in The First Post this week, this time pointing out that on BBC, even their arts program has an unapologetic left-wing bias.

Describing an off-hand swipe at George Bush, Thomas writes:
Yet, when Harris made his remark on air [Bush is a war-mongering moron, etc. --ed.], no one batted an eyelid. The other panellists just nodded. There was no attempt to challenge Harris's viewpoint; no one reminded viewers that Bush is the democratically elected president of the USA. The snide quip about Dubya was just accepted as the sort of thing every sensible person should agree with.
And when he had the temerity to call BBC on their blatant leftward tilt:
They claimed that Newsnight Review editors "try to balance the panel in political terms". I asked them to prove it, at which point they replied "er, well, we have Tory MP Michael Gove on, and once we had Michael Portillo." And that was it. That was their idea of balance: one-and-a-half right-wing people. Over several years. This makes an interesting comparison with the number of left-wing people they feature as panellists on the same programme.
The outrageousness of this unbridled left-wing bias is surpassed only by its meek acceptance by the viewing public, and the American media (and viewing public) is no better.

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