Friday, June 09, 2006

Attention infidel bloggers!

I was looking through my sitemeter stats on recent visitors, and I came across a visitor from Amman, Jordan. The visit entry page URL was a bit odd: file:///d:/ISLAM IN THEIR EYES/The Pool Bar.htm

In case you're unfamiliar with this type of URL, here's a little overview.

You can actually open files locally stored on your computer through the method shown above. In this case, the user has a drive called D:, which could be a second internal hard drive, or possibly an external USB drive, or it might even be a network resource, such as a file share from a server on the local network. The "islam in their eyes" portion is a directory (folder) on that drive, and The Pool Bar.htm is an HTML file, apparently the HTML source code copied from this blog. This code is obtained easily enough directly from the browser.

So, it would appear that someone out there is surfing the net, looking for web sites that have content critical of Islamic extremism, and compiling the source HTML files from those sites.

Unfortunately, sitemeter doesn't supply the entire IP address from visitors, but the originating subnet is, and the ISP is identified as Jordan Data Communications Company LLC.

And now, a message to my visitor from Amman:
Don't look outside of Islam to see what "they" are saying about your religion. Look inside Islam and ask why so many are saying it.


Anonymous said...

HEY, I'm an infidel and I have a website I am sure these fascist muslims will hate!

Take me down, I'll just put more sites up.

Eric said...

Yup, that'll get you a fatwa for sure!