Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Denmark stands up - again

Denmark's Jyllands-Posten reports that a Danish court has delivered a sweeping verdict in an honor-killing case. This verdict represents a severe smackdown of the quaint Muslim practice of killing female family members who disgrace the family name by doing such horrifying things as entering into a marriage not arranged by the family.

In this particular case, according to J-P:

The young woman, Ghazala, married Emal Khan in September 2005. Two days later, her brother, Akhtar Abbas, approached her and Khan in front of the train station in Slagelse, 100 km west of Copenhagen, and shot them.

Abbas admitted his guilt to the court, but claimed the shooting came in self-defence.

The court thought otherwise. In fact, it decided that Ghazala's father and others shared the guilt:

The court found not only the brother guilty, however. It also laid blame on Ghazala's father for plotting the shooting, while uncles, aunts and a family friend were found to have acted as accessories.

Once again, Denmark stands out as Europe's leader in the struggle against Islamofascism. Here's to hoping other European countries grow similar backbone.


ben said...

Its about time womens human rights are up held. I bet they don't have the death penelty. Lock the muslim pig up and his famly for the rest of there lives and feed them pork.

Eric said...

That might be a waste of good ham. I'd favor holding them in a pig pen, though, so that they have to sleep with pigs for the rest of their lives.

dizzyfatplonka said...

What about using their own logic and shooting them in self defence.

ben said...

Putting them in a pig pin is good.