Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Guantanamo solution

You know something? I'm bloody sick and tired of our "allies" in Europe demanding that we shut down the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

What the hell do they expect us to do? Shut down the prison, and then what? Dump the jihadis into the sea? Sure, there may have been a dirtbag or two who wasn't a real jihadi who somehow ended up there, but the fact that he was captured on the fucking field of battle doesn't do much to endear him to me.

So, here's my proposed solution. Let's go ahead and shut down the prison. Then, we'll take all the jihadis imprisoned there and distribute them amongst all European nations, with the largest number going to those nations doing the loudest bleating.

This will allow us to re-deploy
to Afghanistan and Iraq those forces currently running the prison, and any future captured jihadis we can simply put on the next flight for Paris, Berlin, Brussells, whatever.

Let the EU decide what to do with them.


ben said...

I like the Idea of sending them to France dressed as pigs.

alison said...

Me too. I blame the media. They are the ones that present it as a modern day gulag. Excuse me? Where millions died? Then you get a handful of human rights luvvies who speak out and are given a platform by the media stoking the anti Bush rhetoric. I work with US democrats and they say the same rubbish every day also, tut tutting at Bush and Guantanamo. I propose they take an inmate each and put their money where their mouth is.

Ben - For everything we dislike about France regards Iraq they have tried to combat terrorism. It was Londonistan that was the issue imho. The French despaired of us in the 90s. Mind you we were preoccupied with Irish terrorism at the time s'ppose (Omagh)

dizzyfatplonka said...

Just heard on the radio now that Bush is talking of closing it and returning them to their respective countries.
So it looks as though europe will be welcoming then in any case, more shit for the fan.

British National Party member said...

If you propose that we take them ill never forgive you, because my government would fall over themselves in an effort to have them.

Alsion; Do you work in a mental hospital then :)

Eric said...

ben-- That idea has some merit! Or maybe dressed as Peugots...they'll eventually be torched.

alison-- You're some say over here, the media (and others) aren't anti-war, they're on the wrong side.

dizzy-- I hadn't thought of that...haven't a couple of repatriated prisoners already ended up in Britain?

BNP member-- Maybe Deepak Chopra's got enough room in his house for them (see my "What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?" post). He seems to think we need to understand them better.

fido said...

Send them all to the UK, we have a large home grown community of jihadists already here in the UK so they would all fit in just fine.

They could all then get free houses, benefits and land good jobs "reporting" for The Guardian on how badly they were treated by the "Great Satan"

After all we have already done that with some former Gitmo filth - ie Mozam Begg and his jihadist fiends.

alison said...

BNP member - lol. Almost!