Monday, November 03, 2008

Using 'price signals' to change behavior

This clip has been all over the usual righty blogs, so I figured I may as well throw in my own two cents' worth.

It would have been really nice if this clip had come to light, oh, a month or two ago. You know...maybe before eleventy gazillion people had already cast a vote for Obama in early voting. Will it move the needle now? No. Even if the national media outlets were to run clips of this all day today (and you know they won't even mention it), it takes days and weeks of repitition for this to sink in to the national consciousness and for people to fully understand the implications.

The net-net here is something that those of us who are a bit right-of-center have intuited all along...Barack Obama will manipulate markets and prices through taxation to steer Americans towards behavior he desires. He even acknowledges another argument we make against his rhetoric about taxing businesses instead of citizens: Businesses don't pay taxes, they collect taxes.

It's a great clip that comes too late to make a difference.


Tyler said...

Socialist. There is that new clip of him wanting to bankrupt the coal industry and raise electricity prices too.

Eric said...

Yup...and none of this stuff surfaced soon enough to help. Not that most media outlets would have covered it, anyway.