Sunday, November 09, 2008

The City of Brotherly Love (if you're an Obama supporter)

A guy shows up at a post-election Obama celebration in Philadelphia...wearing a McCain-Palin t-shirt. Crowd doesn't like it, cops don't either, and arrest his reactionary ass.

Before anyone starts hyperventilating over this, the video doesn't show what the guy may have done or said before being packed off for re-education. But no matter what he did or said, this does not look good.

The mob mentality here is particularly ugly.

Update: Longer version of the video clip. I'm not sure what their deal is...truthers, conspiracy nuts, both? Clearly, these guys set out to manufacture an incident. And what's up with the toy sword?


Mark said...

Another example of How Not to Act when being confronted by law enforcement... I would have tased him, bro, the first time he made quick gestures.

I'd like to know the full story... what he's actually charged with (probably disturbing the peace). The cops may have saved him from a beating...

The chants of Obama as he was cuffed was... creepy.

Eric said...

There's little doubt the cops saved him from a beating...or worse. The chanting was definitely creepy, but that woman screeching Obama's name was...unnerving.