Saturday, November 01, 2008

GOTV in Fredericksburg

I spent the whole day today toting around four great ladies from the DC area to bang on doors in suburban Fredericksburg on behalf of John McCain. Based on my decidedly unscientific study of the McCain/Obama yard sign ratio, McCain should easily take this district by about 2 to 1. Fredericksburg proper will dilute that somewhat as it's pretty solidly blue, but John McCain should take greater Fredericksburg in a walk.

As for the rest of the state, who knows? Northern Virgina will go for Obama, and it's heavily populated. The Norfolk/Hampton area will probably split. Richmond? I'm not sure. But I think the rest of the state will weigh heavily in McCain's favor.

McCain must take Virginia. Our polls close earlier than most east coast states (7PM), so Virginia results will be among the first to be reported.

A few highlights of the day, besides the "I'm voting for the chick" yard sign which I posted earlier from my cell phone...

One guy said he was voting reluctantly for McCain, and if he hadn't picked Sarah Palin for his running mate, wouldn't be voting at all.

I had a stack of McCain/Palin yard signs in my van, and whenever one of the door-knockers got a request for one, I'd run over and put it up. One gentleman engaged me in conversation for at least 15 minutes when I brought his sign and said he was an independent, but was backing McCain with zeal this year because of (1) his opposition to Obama and (2) his support for Sarah Palin.

One of our door knockers got bitten (not seriously) by a dog. The dog's owner was unapologetic...and uncommitted. I think I know which way she's voting.

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