Friday, November 14, 2008

Moonbat DJ fired

The left-wing freakazoid DJ Charles Karel Bouley has been fired from his gig for saying he wanted "motherfuckin' Joe the Plumber dead".
The microphone was hot when Karel went on a swearing tangent and made comments about Joe the Plumber that the audience was not meant to hear. The comments interrupted the ABC Network News at the top of the hour and he quickly apologized for his remarks.

[ ... ]

Karal [sic] claims he is the only openly gay talk show host in the Bay Area.
Uh, I find that last bit hard to believe. Anyway, good riddance to bad rubbish. The first comment (actually the only one as of this writing) on the article is a gem:
Sorry about Karel getting fired. He should be given another chance. Joe Scarbourgh said the "F", word on his MSNBC,Morning Joe program,and he did not get fired. ABC/KGO,has a double standard....
Uh, yeah. Scarborough dropped the F-bomb while quoting someone who dropped the F-bomb, not during a hate-filled tirade, and it appears that he didn't realize it until after. And the double standard accusation is just plain stooopid since we're talking about two different networks here. Typical lefty idiot, comparing apples to oranges rocks.

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