Friday, November 07, 2008

Go away...the check's in the mail

Spotted over at my brother's place, so I'll send you over there for the video clip. The net-net is that a bunch (when you see the video, you'll see that it's really a bunch) of paid canvassers at an Obama campaign office in Indianapolis are a bit irate about not having yet been paid for their services.

As Mark says, the Obama campaign surely still exists at least as a corporate entity with bank accounts if for no other purpose than to finish paying its bills, which are sure to be many and large. But what really struck me as strange was this practice of paying people to knock on doors. I know the local McCain campaign didn't do that. Is that a common practice in larger, more densely populated urban areas? I don't know. In any event, the Obama campaign certainly raised enough money to cover the expense.

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