Monday, November 10, 2008

Obamamania...catch it!

As an IT guy working for a large software company, I get around quite a bit. I'm a bit, er, liberal in handing out business cards, whether at meetings with customers or channel partners, at industry events, whatever. So it's no surprise when I get unsolicited e-mails on my corporate e-mail account inviting me to speak at or attend some industry event or another.

Today I got one from some group called Omnikron Systems that opened with this line:
In keeping with our Country's Theme, "We Want Change", the CTC is on it!
What? Do these blithering idiots just assume that I'm one of the 52% of Americans who supported Obama? And isn't it just a bit presumptuous to assume that "We Want Change" is "our Country's Theme"?

How much you wanna bet that the idiots running Omnikron Systems haven't used the phrase "our country" in the past eight years?

1 comment:

Tyler said...

I'm guessing you won't be getting " * Strategic Advisory Services
* Technology Consulting
* Staffing and Talent Acquisition
* Executive and Mid-Management Mentoring, and
* Convergence and Wireless Support Services"
from them anytime soon?