Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change we can Google

As Charles at Little Green Footballs points out, "The power of Obama has reached out and healed Google." Here's a little background for the confused...

Google often modifies their logo in light-hearted ways to mark various holidays and occasions. Until this year, they've never honored Veteran's Day. Nor, I think, Memorial Day for that matter. Charles Johnson at LGF has taken Google to task for this over and over again. Their excuse, usually, is something along the lines of "We try to be whimsical when taking note of an occasion with our logo, but Veteran's Day and Memorial Day are too solemn...blah...blah...etc." But now? Behold the power of change!

Here's the difference between conservatives and liberals (and have no doubt Google is very liberal): Conservatives love their country unconditionally, no matter who's president. Liberals love their long as there's a liberal in the White House. Other times? Not so much.


Dave C said...

It looks like, for the first time, Google is proud of our country..

Eric said...

Yeah, almost makes one wonder if Michelle Obama is a majority shareholder in Google.