Saturday, November 01, 2008

A retrospective that can still be avoided

Jonah Goldberg pens a speculative retrospective (I think I may have just coined a new phrase) on the Obama presidency. Apparently, Goldberg thinks - as I do - that if Obama wins, he'll be a one-term wonder.
It's hard to believe that just four years ago, some were talking about Barack Obama as a national savior, a secular redeemer, a "light worker." Even more shocking, President Obama lost the nomination of his own party to none other than Hillary Clinton. How did we get here?

There are no shortage of recriminatory theories for President Obama's precipitous fall from would-be messiah, to near pariah. Discussions with leaders within the Democratic Party, including prominent former members of the Obama administration, give a kaleidoscopic picture of missed opportunities, wrong turns and embarrassing blunders.
For now, I prefer to think that it's still possible for McCain to pull off a win, but if we do end up electing this egotistical, arrogant dilettante on Tuesday, it'll be fun a few years from now to go back and read this stuff.

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