Thursday, November 27, 2008

A classic from the late, great Warren Zevon

It surprised me a few months back to turn up this video clip of Warren Zevon performing Lawyers, Guns And Money in a guitar solo because his performances were almost exclusively (as far as I know) piano performances. This is from his Excitable Boy album, and it helps to remember that the album came out around 1977, and so the song was written some time prior to that, hence the lyrical references to Russians, Cuba and Honduras.

It's my favorite Zevon song and I've been trying to get it right on the guitar, but the chord changes (D-D-D-A-D-D-D-A-D-D-D-A-E) are a bit fast for my aging fingers.


Mr. Bingley said...

When I was in school at UVa in the early 80s there was a popular local band called Speidel, Goodrich and Goggin who did a version of this where they sang "send voyeurs, nuns and bunnies."

I've always sang it that way since.

Eric said...

Heh...sounds like a band I'd like to have seen.