Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Venezuela students oppose constitutional reforms; Hugo's ex, too

Venezuela's aspiring commie dictator and president Hugo Chavez unleashed the hounds on students in Caracas opposed to proposed constitutional reforms that would greatly expand Chavez's powers and effectively make him Absolute Supreme Dictator For Life. Sort of like Oprah Winfrey, but with guns.
Soldiers outside the Metropolitan University in Caracas fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators and students were seen carrying peers as smoke wafted through the air.

Meanwhile, Chavez took fire from one of his two ex-wives who urged Venezuelans to reject the slate of proposed constitutional changes that would greatly expand executive power.

Urging Venezuelans to vote "no" in Sunday's referendum on the changes to the nation's charter, Maria Isabel Rodriguez compared approving the referendum to a "leap into the dark."

Rodriguez, a journalist, also urged opponents to go to the polls to prevent possible vote-rigging.

"It will be more difficult for fraud to take place if we all vote," Rodriguez said at a news conference Tuesday. She divorced Chavez in 2004.
As Bryan at Hot Air said today, "One way or another, Chavez’s rule is becoming less and less likely to end well."

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