Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another questionable taser incident

The situation:
Woman goes to police station in Trotwood, Ohio with one-year-old child. Says she wants to give up custody of the kid.

Cop requests more information from woman. Woman becomes agitated, changes her mind, and attempts to leave.

Cop decides he doesn't want woman to leave and attempts to physically detain her. Cop tases woman in the neck.

According to the report, the cop was unaware the woman was pregnant...she didn't tell the cop, and she was wearing an overcoat. But that's completely beside the point. Why did the cop decide the woman warranted detention? Is it illegal to approach a police station with an issue, change your mind, and want to leave?

The video in the link paints a far less clear picture than the Utah taser incident. It's entirely possible that, based on the woman's state, the cop judged her to be a danger to the child that was with her.

But, still...

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