Thursday, November 29, 2007

Amnesty International: From guardians of human rights to enforcers of socialism

Amnesty International accelerates its slide into irrelevance with a stinging rebuke of Denmark's welfare system. It seems, according to AI, that the Danish system of benefits for immigrants is discriminatory and therefore an abuse of human rights.
Amnesty International published a report today labelling the government's controversial Start Help benefit, discriminative and causing poverty and blaming it for marginalizing immigrants.

The benefit, paid instead of the regular state income support, is for unemployed people who have not resided in Denmark for seven out of the previous eight years.

[ ... ]

Stinne Lyager Bech, author of the report, emphasised: 'Even if the Start Help benefit was intended for all, in practice, it affects foreigners, and that is illegal.' [Illegal? According to whom? --ed.]

She also stated that the legislation was not in accordance with international human rights standards.

'Start Help is an example of discrimination that the Danish state is directly responsible for,' she continued. 'It must therefore be abolished.'
Fine, abolish it and let immigrants fend for themselves. What a bunch of left-wing idiots.

It's clear that Amnesty International, once a respectable human rights group, has become so infested with leftists that anything short of a socialist welfare utopia is a violation of "international human rights standards". In the meantime, true systemic violators of human rights get a free pass.

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