Friday, November 30, 2007

Lurching towards dhimmitude

Gillian Gibbons doesn't want you to feel any resentment toward these nice people.

Maybe it's in poor taste to point this out while the poor woman's still in prison, but statements by Gillian Gibbons carried in the Times of London just reek with the groveling submission of a dhimmi.
From her cell, the 54-year-old teacher from Liverpool said that she was devastated by the offence she had caused. “I would never insult anybody intentionally. People who know me know it’s not in my nature,” she told Kamal Djizoulli, her lawyer.

She has also appealed for tolerance, telling her son John Gibbons in a telephone conversation that she does not want “any resentment towards Muslim people”.
I know, I's easy to find fault with such statements while sitting in the comfort of one's home. Were I in her shoes, I sure as hell wouldn't exactly be railing against the filth holding me captive. I just wouldn't say a damned thing until I was safely out of that ass-backwards, God-forsaken, medieval hellhole of a country.

The stone-age animals who turned out from Friday "prayers" are screaming for her execution for naming a fucking teddy bear "Mohammed", for crying out loud. And the reason they do it is to elicit statements just like these. In other words, their lunatic, blood-thirsty fanaticism works.

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