Sunday, November 18, 2007

'Sometimes the party asks too much'

Actor Ron Silver writes about his time on the hit show West Wing:
Often when I walked onto the set of the West Wing some of my colleagues would greet me with a chanting of “Ron, Ron, the neo-con.” It was all done in fun but it had an edge.
Mr. Silver is a rarity in Hollywood in that he's unapologetic in his defense of the Bush Doctrine's efforts of exporting Democracy as the virtuous American goal that it is. Describing himself as "a little bit to the right of the left of center", Ron Silver can hardly be cast in the mold of the right-wing neo-con fascist the far left would like him to be. He goes on to discuss what I believe is the greatest danger in our political system:
Senator Joe Lieberman, the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate only eight years ago, gave an extraordinary speech on national security last week that the mainstream media did not cover. It’s a shame. And it’s a shame the Democratic Party shunned Lieberman and tried to defeat him in a primary. They made it clear that there is no place for him in the party he’s dedicated his life to. I’m a Joe Lieberman Democrat.

JFK reportedly remarked, “sometimes the party asks too much.” He was referring to the deal his Democratic Party made with southern segregationists to maintain control of Congress. His words are as true now as they were then. Sometimes the party asks too much.

I count myself firmly in the tradition of Wilson, FDR, Truman and Kennedy…and yes, Reagan and George W. Bush. “Go anywhere, bear any burden,” “try to do our best to make a world safe for democracy.” Our national mission, a worthy and ennobling one, is to expand freedom where we can. These are revolutionary goals very much in keeping with our Founders’ vision. They are hardly conservative, let alone neo-conservative goals.
I've no idea what Mr. Silver's party affiliation is, and it doesn't really matter. Men and women of principle stick with what they know is right and just, and vote their conscience. Of course, if that were true, few Democrats would ever get elected.

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